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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Electing 'experienced CEOs and leaders'

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I have lived in Tinley Park 45 years and have been a village volunteer for 40. I have never seen opposition candidate smear and degrade incumbents and the village like the present.  It is sad to see local politics sink to this level. Tinley Park...

Letters to the Editor: 'Vote Tinley First'

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Tinley Park residents: please vote April 4th.This is a pivotal election and quite frankly could strongly impact the future of this great Village. I urge all residents to not be swayed by all of the negative and scare tactic campaign literature being...

Letter to the Editor: Thank you

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Please allow me to express gratitude to Michael Gilbert for being our Tinley Junction Community Newspaper Editor.

I appreciated the way he consistently used his gift of interesting reporting and storytelling in print...