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Week of June 13, 2014

What did you think about folk singer Ella Gill’s performance?

“The library has great programs for kids. This is a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon.”

Pam Arvanetes

“I like that she has my name and she sings nice songs.”

Ella Karnezis

“She’s really pretty and is a great singer.”

Brina Arvanetes

“She’s awesome. She has a good voice, plays guitar well and writes good songs.”

Johnny Arvanetes

Week of June 6, 2014

We recently stopped by a Palos R/C Flying Club meeting at Morrill Meadow and asked:
“What is your favorite thing about the club?”

Photo Poll

“Everyone is real helpful from the beginning. They all pitch in to teach new people and there’s just such a wealth of knowledge.”

Joe Cherne

“I’ve been flying for 50 years and have been in the club since the beginning. I was a flight instructor, so flying has been my life. It’s relaxing to come out here and I like teaching everyone.”

Bob McGurty

“The camaraderie is great and you build great friendships. There’s a lot of knowledgeable people in the club.”

Al Yurkus

“You come out and everyone is real nice to you and you get to fly.”

Terri McGurty