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Jim Perkins trains at the Tinley Park Roller Rink, where he has been logging 20-25 miles a day in preparation for the attempt. CODY MROCZKA / 22nd Century media
The record-breaking attempt will start in Lewiston, Idaho, on June 20 with a goal of finishing the journey 120 days later in Kittery, Maine.
Arriving at an empty Tinley Park Roller Rink at 8 a.m., Perkins circles the track approximately 375 times to reach a training goal of 25 miles per day.
Perkins will attempt the 7,000 mile journey on these custom booted quad roller skates which he estimated cost $1,500 dollars plus $300 per set of wheels. He expects to go through about 20-30 sets.
Cody Mroczka, Editor
10:34 am CST February 8, 2018
On June 20, Perkins intends to embark on a 7,000 mile journey starting in Lewiston, Idaho, that will ideally wrap up 120 days later in Kittery, Maine. Along the way, he plans to ride through all 48 continental states, shattering the previous Guinness World Record for longest journey completed on roller skates by nearly 1,600 miles.