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Author Suzanne Ruff discusses the uncertainty she had after agreeing to give a kidney to her sister JoAnn Villanueva. Ruff wrote a book called “The Reluctant Donor” and visited the Tinley Park Public Library Wednesday, April 30, for a book discussion.
Jeff Vorva
3:45 pm CDT May 2, 2014

Author Suzanne Ruff described her sister, JoAnn Villanueva, as “a poop.”

See, Villanueva was suffering through Polycystic Kidney Disease 10 years ago and to hear Ruff tell it, her sister was not very pleasant to be around. There were more frowns and less smiles. Misery ruled the day. And when it was apparent that Villanueva needed a kidney transplant, Ruff immediately hoped someone else would come through for her to get that smile back on her face again.