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Standout Student: Lena Dolan, St. George School first-grader
D230: Officials praise preparedness for at-home learning during coronavirus pandemic
Standout Student: Bella Morey, Noonan Academy eighth-grader
Snow days no more? D230 preps for at-home learning during inclement weather
D230: Public hearing for $24 million bond issue set for March 18
Standout Student: Grace O’Leary, Victor J. Andrew High School senior
Standout Student: Adeline (Addie) Horvath, St. George School third-grader
D230: Riddiford Roofing wins $2.54 million bid for 2020 renovations
Standout Student: Bryce M. Tencza, Grissom Middle School sixth-grader
Standout Student: Angie Mastro, Noonan Academy eighth-grader
Standout Student: Caitlin Blomberg, St. George School eighth-grader
BREAKING: D228 teachers, School Board, reach tentative contract agreement
Standout Student: Emma Gutierrez, Noonan Academy, sixth-grader
D230 School Board: Officials shift funds but otherwise pass levy as planned
Standout Student: Michael Groos, St. George School eighth-grader
Standout Student: Jordan Cortez, Andrew High School senior
D230 Board of Education: Proposed levy in line with rate of inflation
D230 Pipeline Project in action during Future Educator Night
Standout Student: Ashley Stadnicki, Grissom Middle School eighth-grader
Dozens of teachers turn out to D228 meeting as potential strike looms
Standout Student: Sara Henry, St. George School eighth-grader
D230: Officials address teacher shortage with teacher pipeline program
Standout Student: Xavier Ortega, St. George School eighth-grader
Standout Student: Cohen Damstra, Southwest Chicago Christian Schools - Tinley Park, second-grader
D210: Still no charges in missing LW funds case