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Army veteran Justin Brown smiles and exchanges names with other veterans at Bannes Elementary. He said he is a part of a brotherhood. Amanda N. Marino/22nd Century Media
Music Director John Conley leads his students in one of many songs performed during the assembly. Conley said he tries to keep introducing new elements to the Veterans Day celebrations.
Wayne McGlashan served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. Friday morning, he sat in the gym at Bannes Elementary School watching student pay tribute to and honor him and all the other veterans in attendance.
America’s White Table was set and honored at Bannes. Each piece is symbolic, from the overturned glass illustrating soldiers’ inability to share a meal with people at home to the white table cloth representing the purity of the motives of soldiers as they go to war.
Amanda N. Marino, Editor
2:23 pm CST November 19, 2017

“Dad, thank you for helping people in the war.”

Justin Brown’s children wrote that message on a paper brick that became part of the Wall of Honor at Bannes Elementary School Friday, Nov. 10.

Every year, the school hosts a Veterans Day assembly to honor veterans, both living and dead, who are a part of the school’s community.

Brown, 30, said he was in the U.S. Army from May 2008 to March 2011. He spent all of 2009 in Afghanistan. Despite his service,