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The tenders plate (prices vary by size) comes with french fries and a choice of Slim Chickens’ 15 dipping sauces.
The chicken and waffles plate ($8.49) at Slim Chickens in Orland Square bathes both of the aforementioned items in butter and syrup. Photos by Bill Jones/22nd Century Media
Slim Chickens is located inside the food court at Orland Square, offering an express version of the franchise’s menu.
Bill Jones, Managing Editor
10:30 am CST November 21, 2017

Faris Ballouta is no stranger to Orland Square and its food options. The 20-year Orland Park resident already owns a Red Mango and Doc Popcorn inside the confines of the mall, but he thought the food court options were lacking.

“The food court was in dire need of a new restaurant,” as Ballouta put it. “I felt like it needed a spark.”

So, he decided to turn slim pickins into a Slim Chickens.

Ballouta, 28, said he was inspired by his travels to the South.