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Will O’Brien, Freelance Reporter
11:20 am CST December 6, 2019

A tentative levy 1.9 percent higher than last year’s extension was presented to the Consolidated High School District 230 Board of Education during its meeting Nov. 21.

The proposed levy — $117.08 million, compared with last year’s $114.81 million — means the district is “asking for basically the rate of inflation,” John Lavelle, D230’s assistant superintendent for business services, told The Tinley Park Junction in an interview.

The board will be asked to adopt the levy at its meeting Thursday, Dec. 19. The request must be filed with the county clerk on or before Dec. 31. The funds collected through the levy are to finance the 2020-2021 school year.

Lavelle explained that numerous factors, including the Consumer Price Index and the equalized assessed value of properties in the district’s boundaries make up the formula the clerk uses in approving a final levy figure.

The district could ask for more but would be limited by those factors. The district could also ask for less but would then be unable to ever recover those forfeited funds, Lavelle said.

“If we don’t ask for enough, we’d leave money on the table,” he said. “We’d never be able to recover the difference between what the tax cap allows for and what we ask for if it’s too low. In a nutshell, what you ask for and what you get are two different things, and they’re limited, really, by the property tax extension law.”

Tax revenues account for roughly 80 percent of the funds the district receives, according to a memo Lavelle prepared for the board.