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J.J. Weinert prepares three different pies at B&V Pizza in Lockport. PHOTOS BY THOMAS CZAJA/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
The most popular item on the menu at the Lockport spot is the B&V Special (6.50), a sandwich made with homemade beef, melted mozzarella and the option of peppers.
Jacquelyn Schlabach, Assistant Editor
2:29 pm CDT July 8, 2018
“I came in here one day and ordered a pizza, and [the daughter] made a comment like, ‘Hey, do you still have that dream of owning a pizza place?’” Pellicano recalls. “Maybe when I was 10 I had that dream, but I don’t remember having that dream recently. And then my godmother who’s running it now with me, she was like, ‘Yeah he wants to own a pizza place.’”