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Tinley Park residents were once again subjected to a “recruitment” attempt by America’s oldest hate group sometime between July 21 and 22. 22ND CENTURY MEDIA FILE PHOTO
Cody Mroczka, Editor
1:50 pm CDT July 31, 2018
The issue is not with the substance, though I personally find it despicable, insulting and hurtful; it is with the method and intent. The method being a cowardly one of someone who is unwilling to discuss or, in this case, defend, their views face-to-face and with the intent being to sow discord within a community.


Well it looks like you have received more information than any of the residents of Tinley Park. I don’t recall hearing the number 12 during the Mayors news conference. I also think you should choose your words a little more carefully. The word spade is a racist slur in some circles. Not a wise move when confronting racism.

Mr. Stuckly,

Appreciate you taking the time to read and share your thoughts on the piece. This was actually written before the Mayor's new conference, which The Junction was not invited to, so none of the above was based on anything said at that time, but rather from reporting prior in the week. In regards to the word spade, I was referring to the original translation of the phrase meaning to call 'a shovel a shovel' and was unaware of the later connotations of the word. Nonetheless, I agree that a more carefully chosen word or phrase would have been more effective. Thank you for the feedback. -- Cody Mroczka, Editor

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