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At Wu’s House in Mokena, the spicy basil chicken ($13.75) features chicken cooked with asparagus, bell pepper, onion, snow peas, scallion and basil in a chef’s special sauce. Photos by Nuria Mathog/22nd Century Media
The honey roll ($14.95) contains spicy yellowtail, avocado and jalapeno, topped with fresh tuna and mango and honey plum sauces.
The Godzilla roll ($13.99) contains eel, crab, shrimp, white fish cream cheese and avocado, deep fried and topped with Thai chili sauce, eel sauce and spicy mayo.
Nuria Mathog, Contributing Editor
5:00 am CDT September 23, 2019
At Wu’s House, the cornerstone of the dining experience is an extensive menu capable of accommodating a wide variety of tastes and preferences.