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Providence Catholic High School officials break ground at its New Lenox location on Route 30. The school opened in 1962 after being in Joliet since 1918. PHOTOS COURTESY OF PROVIDENCE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
Providence Catholic girls track team celebrates a state title in 1978. That same year, the Celtics’ baseball and wrestling teams also won state championships.
Pictured is a graduating class from the 1930’s.
Providence Catholic completed the $6 million LaVerne and Dorothy Brown Student Commons earlier this year to provide an updated space for its students.
Pictured is a photo from the 1970’s of a group of students gather outside the school building.
Megan Schuller, Freelance Reporter
6:30 am CDT October 17, 2018
According to historical records, the school had 59 students enrolled its first year, with the graduating class of 1919 featuring only six members, along with eight others who received certificates from the commercial class. Now, Providence’s current enrollment is more than 900, and graduating classes average at 240.