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Elsie Ventrella, now nine-months-old, no longer requires a feeding tube thanks to a specialized bottle for premature babies. PHOTOS SUBMITTED
Joe and Sarah Ventrella’s daughter Elsie was born at 25 weeks old and spent several months in a neonatal intensive care unit which required a feeding tube.
Joe and Sarah Ventrella’s daughter Elsie weighed just over one pound when she was delivered through an emergency C-section at 25 weeks and one day.
The Ventrella’s story was recently spotlighted by baby bottle manufacturer Dr. Brown’s in recognition of World Prematurity Day on Nov. 17.
Cody Mroczka, Editor
5:00 am CST November 29, 2018
To recognize Prematurity Awareness Month in November, the Ventrellas story was highlighted by Dr. Browns, a baby bottle manufacturer that specializes in products for children experiencing feeding troubles. The company shared Sarah’s story along with some photos of Elsie on their website and social media pages on Nov. 17, which is also World Prematurity Day.